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  If you obtained a 90% or above score on the 17-18 exam and hold the same position as last year, it will automatically appear.

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  Try other possible email address and password combinations and if that still fails, contact Jennifer Cardone at
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Exam Type:
  •  A Demo (3 questions)
  •  A PRACTICE TEST (15 questions)
  •  ASSISTANT Coach (40 questions)
  •  Athletic Director/Dean (60 questions)
  •  Athletic Director/Dean Part A (30 questions)
  •  Athletic Director/Dean Part B (30 questions)
  •  Athletic Trainer (40 questions)
  •  CCCAA Board (50 questions)
  •  CCCAA Management Council (50 questions)
  •  Conference Commissioner (75 questions)
  •  Conference Commissioner Part A (38 questions)
  •  Conference Commissioner Part B (37 questions)
  •  Counselors/Academic Advisors (40 Questions)
  •  Eligibility Clerk (40 questions)
  •  Head Coach (60 questions)
  •  Head Coach Part A (30 questions)
  •  Head Coach Part B (30 questions)
  •  Other Position (SID, Equipment, AA) (40 questions)
  •  President (includes VP) (40 questions)